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mobizent™ provides end-to-end Handheld Mobility Solutions for many Industries for State & Local Governments as well as commercial companies. As a provider of custom mobility solutions, mobizent™ has a proven track record in developing, customizing and implementing a broad range of platform based Handheld Solutions. While most mobility providers focus on a single component of the solution, our comprehensive solutions include the front-end, back-end, devices, servers and complete integration functionality with your existing applications, as well as full helpdesk and support built-in.

Key Differentiators

System Integrator – As an innovative mobile solutions integrator, we match the best products and services combination solutions for our clients.

Application Development – We have proven expertise in developing inventive mobile and wireless solutions by customizing our off-the-shelf solution for your business needs.

System Support Experience – We have designed, delivered and maintained some of the most complex mobile solutions in the industry.

Our Industry Solutions

Public Safety – A complete suite of Citation and MobileID solutions for Law and Code Enforcement as well as a complete suite of Mobile Automated Field Reporting

Public Housing – Work Order, Property Management, Section 8 Inspections and Inventory Solutions designed to meet the critical needs of Public Housing Authorities

Environmental Protection – A suite of mobile inspection and Violation solution to meet the requirements of Air, Water and noise code enforcement for any local government.

Manufacturing – A detailed set of mobile products that aim to support the tracking and management of assets for any company with large inventories of products that must be monitored and controlled. Products include Purchase Order/request to Inventory management and reporting.

Sanitation – A complete mobile violation and Container tracking solution to provide sanitation companies and local governments the ability to inspect, handout warnings and violations, as well as track containers throughout a described area.

Homeless Information – This suite of products allows local governments the ability to collect and monitor the homeless. The product provides a detailed interview mobile solution to a very simple interview solution on mobile devices to include a recent solution developed for the iPhone.

Transparency in Governementmobizent™ currently tracks all of the lobbyist in the State of New York and this solution has been productized to provide a solution that can keep track of projects, lobbyist, meetings or any other item that local government wants to allow the public to be aware.