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Contacting the Homeless in the field

HomelessCheck™,Mobizent's mobile Interview and contact solutions provides cities the ability to allow the public or Outreach programs to effectively manage their homeless with PDAs and iphones.

HomelessCheck™is the mobile software solution that Mobizent is supplying to the City ofNewYork to reach out to the Homeless in the field. Mobizent product HomelessCheck provides several front-office solutions to collect and record data about the homeless. The Windows mobile application allows Outreach staff to contact clients and record information in the field; the iPhone application provides the public with the ability to record information about the homeless people they have sighted. This data is checked for duplicates and sent on to the local government and mapped using an ESRI based maps. This data is uploaded to the Mobizent Back-office system, that provides a complete medical record of the Homeless and provides an overall city map, again using ESRImapserver, that can track and monitor each homeless person being interviewed throughout the city and facilitate quick placement into available facilities. The system provides real-time duplication checks to make sure the same homelesss person is not counted twice or more.

Mobizents HomelessCheck™ product provides a front-end and back-end software application for Cities that need to accurately count, track and monitor the Homeless in their city to meet Federal Guidelines. Connected to Mobizents HomelessMgr , It also provides a complete electronic medical record that not only provides the standard required fields (HMIS), but also provides a complete reporting solution. HomelssCheck contains several complete mobile solutions for PDAs and ipohnes. This product can also interface with Mobizent's product HomelessMapTrac that provides a front-end and back-end software application for Cities that need to accurately map the Homeless in their city.

Features of HomelessCheck:

  • Immediate access to critical client information
  • Information synchronization capability with Microsoft SQL
  • Interface to export data
  • Advanced security features
  • Encrypted database
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Easy to customize Integrated Homeless Information

Benefits of HomelessCheck:

  • Simplifies and streamlines client management
  • Reduces data entry errors
  • Reduces duplicate records for the same client
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

HomelessCheck is targeted toward helping agencies and their staff record client demographic information, contacts, placements, progress notes and services provided in the field. Users can perform a full host of functions with their data, including data entry, data look-up, and edits. This capability allows staff to serve their clients better and more efficiently.