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Tracking Assets for Housing Authorities

AssetTrac™, Mobizent's mobile solution for tracking assets, specifically built for Housing Authorities that need specific tracking information for each asset allocated accross properties.

AssetTrac is Mobizent's mobile inventory asset tracking solution for Housing Authorities and other Government Agencies that have assets that need to be tracked by properties and with the ability to integrated with any current database in the back-office.

AssetTrac™ delivers value to your organization by improving asset tracking and data collection by using an electronic device that knows your inventory and knows the correct values that need to be entered. This reduces errors and improves tracking information rates.

The solution allows inventory control personnel to efficiently collect, track and manage the organization/warehouse assets for the central receiving and storage facility, as well as the other facilities where additional assets are being delivered and used.

AssetTrac™ is a flexible application that can be designed to meetyour organizations specific requirements.

AssetTrac™ comes with standard functions, features and sets of Reports that can be used out of the box for any inventory collection company. The entire solution set-up is streamlined from initial entry of data through the reporting and data analysis phases. This ensures that you save money and time on each data collection of inventory checking event that is run. The back-office features that include with the Handheld solution is web-based and can be accessed anywhere there is internet access typically through a VPN. The back-office solution provides the ability for any employee to view and track any piece of inventory or asset that needs to be managed. The back-office has many features to automatically require approvals and spawn e-mails based on an event that has occurred with regard to an asset. Online reports such as asset discrepancies and missing assets our standard with the product

Features of AssetTrac :

  • Barcode Identification (2D-3D, RFID)
  • Integrated with Existing Database
  • Data retrieval from Database (Real-time or downloaded)
  • Data upload and checking (Real-time or when required)
  • Full reporting and exporting abilities
  • Easy entry from multiple devices
  • Advanced security features (signature validation)
  • Customizable to Authorities requirements

Benefits of InventCount:

  • Simplifies and streamlines inventory counting
  • Reduces errors, re-work and paperwork
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Enhances data analysis and visualization
  • Increases productivity
  • Integrates with Department network